Is a Discourse forum with >100,000 people feasible?

How many users can Discourse handle?

Yes, I clearly have a crazy idea. And yes, the admin burden would be bananas. And any structure would need to be very carefully built. But is it possible?


Yes, it’s possible - we host a number of forums with well over 1 million users in the database. Here on meta, we have 42k.


I think his question is: how many concurrent users can the most popular site bear?

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It is a good question too, but no, I just meant absolute numbers in the user database

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Technically, Discourse, and most softwares would be able to scale up to a point you don’t really need to worry about.

Discourse powering forums like Gitlab’s, Let’s Encrypt’s, Mozilla’s this is in no way an issue. If you know you will have a lot of traffic go for a separated database and data deployment, if the traffic won’t be huge, but you’ll have a lot of users using the platform intermittently, you just need to keep an eye in the response times and increase the server size.