Discourse Version 3.2


3.2 videotelephony – PicturePhone

Start Date

August 1, 2023

Release Date

January 30, 2024


Artificial Intelligence

Discourse AI launched in April 2023 and is available to enterprise customers by request and to self-hosters. For v3.2 we aim to increase adoption and get more real world feedback so we can refine and add on to the features already built. We also are continuing to build our own knowledge in the AI space and are establishing patterns for integrating AI technology into Discourse that can be leveraged going forward.


We launched Discourse Chat a year ago to provide a home for faster paced communication. For 3.2, we are beginning with a round of customer research to learn more about chat users and their needs. We’ll use this feedback to improve the overall chat experience and further develop the connection between chat and forums to support meaningful, enjoyable conversations in your community.

Migrations tooling

From the beginning, helping people move their communities to Discourse has been central to what we do. Self-hosters can avail themselves of guides and import scripts. Our team also provides migration support for business and enterprise customers. For 3.2 we will be investing more in our tooling to make migrations easier and to make it easier to refine scripts on an ongoing basis.

Modernize JS

For 3.2, our aim is to upgrade Discourse to the latest version of Ember, have all contributors using the latest recommended patterns, and to improve our ability to stay up to date going forward.


For 3.2, we aim to improve the systems we provide for developing and maintaining extensions that can be installed and configured by admins, including sites on our hosting - with an initial focus on themes and theme components.

Staff Experience

For v3.2, we are taking a comprehensive look at the overall experience for admins when it comes to configuring and customizing their sites. We will be making incremental changes to make the existing interfaces easier and more intuitive to use, both for beginners just wanting to cover the basics and for power users seeking to enable and use advanced features. At the same time we plan to consider bigger changes to make it easier to change the look and feel of a discourse site without requiring any design skills. We will also be looking at moderator functions to fix bugs and improve usability.