Discourse Wikilinks Plugin

:information_source: Summary Supports the wikilinking between posts
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/dvargas92495/discourse-wikilinks
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


  • Autoclosing brackets in composer
  • Autocomplete suggestion when typing a topic title within brackets [[]]
  • Overlaying anchor tags where there are bracketed wikilinks, pointing to the linked topic
  • Populating linked references with topics that wikilink to the currently viewable topic
  • Creating new topics when a user inline links a new topic title within a pair of wikilink brackets.


You can configure the default text contained in a topic when you inline wikilink a post that doesn’t exist.


Authoritative truth on changelog is maintained in the Releases section of the repository, with videos attached with each release.


All issues available on the Github’s Issues are PR welcome. All issues with the enhancement tag applied will be paid to the developer who closes the issue at $25/issue, paid from our Open Collective pool found here.

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I got this now (sorry strange language, but you should see the issue):

And second one:

The topic shows links that is connected to used tag. There is no another connections what so ever.

Is behaviour changed or is this a bug?

I’m using version 2.9.0beta9 3764ebf963

And before you ask… yes, safe-mode works just fine. But I’m trying to make my life easier if someone has alredy find the quilty one :wink:

That came from Wikilinks plugin.

It messed search history too, this way:

Should something like those happend?

Well, this is not a bug of Discourse, so could someone with stronger tools move this somewhere else, please?

(I know — I could flag this by myself, but I’ve learned my lessons and here is two things I don’t do: I don’t mention anyone from team and I don’t flag my own posts :wink: )

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Wait, so you went and implemented this? :open_mouth:

I imagine, given your Roam experience, that you had the idea independently yourself. And I’m excited to see it! Thanks for doing this work. Going to play with it now in my digital garden. :slight_smile:

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