"Dismiss all unread" semantics


I just migrated and I have a few thousand old threads showing as “unread” although I’ve read them already. I would like to dismiss this and I found this nice button:


However I am not sure this is what I want. Some of these threads I am watching (I migrated watch status), some I am not. And I don’t want to affect that.

So, which of these two things would this Dismiss button do :question:

  1. Make all threads become “read”, but leave their “watching” status untouched


  1. Make all threads become “read”, and change their “watching” status to Normal instead of Watching

That message text mentions the tracking status, that’s why I am worried… I think tracking status is different from read/unread status, this seems to be conflating the two (perhaps for good reason - I am not questioning that, just trying to clarify myself).


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I believe dismiss clears out your notification queue thingy (I’m stating it like this so you use the appropriate amount of caution ;P). From that modal, which I’ve never seen, it appears to have a k-rad option to also shut down future notifications by resetting the tracking status.

Whatcha gonna do? :thinking:

  • Click Dismiss!
  • Don’t Dismiss!
  • Oh, I haven’t voted in a pie poll yet!

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Clicking the button does this:

Checking the box and then clicking the button does this:


Wow, silly me, my brain didn’t quite register that was a checkbox :eyes: Now it makes sense.

Thanks @HAWK, and sorry for the daft question.

I guess I just looked at that as if it was a warning sentence explaining what the button below did, and didn’t even see that empty square there.

Now there’s a design error that probably needs to be fixed.

In my brain. :man_facepalming:


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