Idea: mark as read per new topic from list


Well, I’ve already read “ability to mark as read” thread, but it does not fill with my idea.

When you visit the “new” section from your forum (example: Discourse Meta) you have got a list of topic that you do not read. Thats ok, but, how do you mark a topic like read without clicking on it?

I don’t want to ignore, or mark as read all the list

Think about this feature such as feedly list of “feeds” (or topics).
In feedly, you can press “m” from the keyboard and the system mark the line as read, so the user could reduce the number of unread’s topics.

I hope you can understand my idea.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Use the “dismiss new” button. This will only appear if there are more than (n) new topics, however.


But, that button will make as read all the new topics.
Not just one. :frowning:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes, the idea is that you read the ones you want to read, leave the ones you do not want to read, then push “dismiss unread”

(Sam Saffron) #5

We have the “bookmark” hidden feature I use quite a lot.

j b in topic lists, we could extend that to support “dismiss” not against it, but its a super advanced user feature.


@sam thats is great.
Love the “J” and “B” keyboard shortcuts to “move” between messages or post (or topics in a list).

I think It would be great if discouse add the “M” key shortcut to “read or unread” in the line.