Dismiss button size mismatched

This is such a small one @awesomerobot but it’s driving me nuts.

On https://meta.discourse.org/new


However, translations of these buttons may not have similar lengths. In that case, it seems preferable to not match the size.

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Yeah this annoys me too, but the New Topic button is larger than normal buttons to help it stand out… Dismiss is the standard button size.

So to match I guess we’d need to increase dismiss’ size, but then it feels like it’s overpowering the New Topic button…

I also don’t like that this button gets the special treatment of an entire row

I’m not sure how often people use these buttons, but personally I wouldn’t mind rolling them up into a hamburger like we do on /categories

Then for unread we can also do


I like this. It’s more elegant.

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Looks 100% cleaner. I use dismiss quite often but it feels like it’s is ‘in the way’ of the new topic button.

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I guess that’s OK but it is a bit buried there and will lead to less dismissing… is that a good thing, or a bad thing?


:man_shrugging: I don’t use those buttons much myself. Probably matters less on active public communities and more for private internal communities where people are more likely to read everything?

If it does matter, no one cares about it on mobile that much because we only show it on the bottom of the list there. Last time that came up was 2015: The "Dismiss" buttons should be at the top on mobile.

It seems to be the norm for email clients to hide it behind a button with other options, and I also like being able to do this for unread:


instead of this:

Anyway, one more thought outside of my tangent… if we keep it as is, “Dismiss New” definitely feels too large if we match sizes, but simplifying to “Dismiss” makes it more reasonable.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 6.42.49 PM


I barely use them myself either. Always struck me as odd that it got such prominence in the interface.

Ah maybe on Mobile. But we duplicate it on top and bottom if there are more than {x} things to dismiss.