The "Dismiss" buttons should be at the top on mobile

So I noticed that when you go into your unread tab, the “Dismiss Posts” and “Dismiss Topics” buttons are at the bottom of your unread page. Although this is ok when your unread tab consists of just a few threads, but earlier on it got really annoying trying to get to the bottom of my unread tab of 1000 threads.

Ergo, they should be at the top.

@codinghorror @sam is there any reason why they are at the bottom, or could they be at the top?

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yeah i agree, this is quite annoying, as since i don’t go on certain websites for a while, scrolling down can be quite a pain!

Have you guys tested this? The buttons are duplicated at the top when there are more than 30 things to dismiss.

Unless there’s some kind of regression, that is the way it used to work. Duplication only when needed, not all the time.

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not on mobile view ;-;

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OK @sam when you are back in 4-5 days, apparently this is missing from mobile layout.

not much room in mobile for this, we need to reorganise mobile if we want the button on top, otherwise it will be a big clutter and you will only see 2 topics on the new tab

Mostly I was confirming there was no regression.

yeah, not a regression its an omission pending mobile redesign of header

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but surely a little movement wouldn’t be too hard and would save a ton of time scrolling through posts.

EDIT: read post below

There’s lots of space to the left of the New Topic button. You could easily fit them in there.

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