Make selective dismissal of New and Unread topics available to moderators

Unfortunately, Selective dismissal of New and Unread topics is not available for moderators and admins, since the single “dismiss” button is not shown for them and “dismiss” is not an option available in the bulk-actions selector for moderators.

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I was just coming here to ask about this also. “Dismiss” button is missing in “Unread” now for a couple of days.

EDIT: I see now that there’s a separate “Dismiss” button for “New” & “Unread”. That’s really all we need. As a Mod, I would like people to look at both things before deciding to dismiss them.



Hm. I seem to be missing something obvious here. Could you explain how to achieve the desired behavior?

I’m not an Admin, so I don’t have the workings to answer you.

I was only noting that the “Dismiss” button was gone from the “Latest” and apparently only shows up under “New” & “Unread”.

Sorry for any confusion.

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I think we may know what this is.

If you only have few topics to dismiss, the selective dismiss button only shows up at the bottom.

Can you confirm that?

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I’m not able to reproduce any problems in the current version.

I will ask my user and report back.

I’m also confused about “unread” and “unseen” at the moment.

I did not find information about /unread, but I suppose, that this view shows only followed topics with unread content.

Selective dismissal is not supported in /unseen.

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Yeah this is by design at the moment, it would be a slightly different feature to dismiss from unseen cause there is not topic tracking state going for many of them. Plus unseen can be a MASSIVE list.

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