Dismissed "new" topics still show blue dots in Categories view

Recently, dismissing new topics hasn’t been fully dismissing them, as they still show the blue “new” dot in the Categories view. I’ve seen this consistently on community.wanikani.com, and I just reproduced here as well. Unfortunately you can only see it when one of the dismissed new topics happens to be within the three most recent topics in a category.

To reproduce, first dismiss new topics from the New view. Then go to the Categories view until you see a blue dot next to a topic you just dismissed.

All of this was on mobile. I have no idea if this can happen on desktop as well.


@kris.kotlarek are you able to repro this issue?

We recently changed how we do topic dismissal this may be a regression.


Thank you for reporting that bug.

It was fixed and already deployed to Wanikani. Please let me know if you experience it again :slight_smile: