Display error message when using email login if bounce score threshold exceeded

Currently, if a user exceeds the email bounce score threshold, and attempts to get a sign-in link, they are told everything worked just fine.

But since the bounce score threshold was exceeded, the email is never sent.

This was previously not much of an issue, but since Mailgun is now having constant problems with outlook for reasons beyond my control, there are now a lot more users that have email disabled via bounce score (who may not have seen the warning pm about their email address).

As such, users should probably be told if email sign-in is not currently working for them.


This would be a very handy refinement as those users are otherwise in the dark, get very annoyed with the site, and may well give up.

We’ve got a lot of Outlook users and utilise Mailgun too, and judging by the number of bounces at the mo have exactly the same problem.

Is it happening with other mail services?

I use mailchannels for my cloudflare workers/pages sites (it’s free), and so far the answer seems to be no. Although the situation at mailgun has been improving for us, now emails usually get delivered after maybe the third attempt by mailgun but there’s still a lot of people with a high bounce scores and sending still sometimes fails.