Subcategory menu too narrow


As said in the title:

Because we have rather long subcategory names, i’d like the menu to be as wide as needed and not fixed size.


Have you tried changing the width of that menu with CSS?

Yes, But I didn’t manage to do that.

You will want something like this:

.category-dropdown-menu { min-width: 200px; }

Note: This impacts the parent category drop down too

Thanks. It’s hardcoded and not adjusting to the actual need, but it would still be fine if not only the menu would widen but also the content of the rows. The text stays shortened.

Is your site public? Can you provide a link, as the rows expand when I do it via the dev tools.

.list-controls .category-dropdown-menu .badge-wrapper.bullet .badge-category {
    max-width: ***px;
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Yes, it is:

@Stranik was very close with his addition (you actually have the bar style instead of bullet, so I just removed the style indicator entirely from the CSS).

Your complete CSS will be

.category-dropdown-menu { min-width: 200px; }
.list-controls .category-dropdown-menu .badge-wrapper .badge-category { max-width: 100%; }

Is it working for you? I still have the same result.

I found adding

display: inline-table;

to be working. It’s weird but good enough, I guess :slight_smile:
So thanks everyone for your support (y)