Opinions: Comments and Discourse Integration


What do you think guys on the way Medium approaches commenting?

This is an example:

Do you think that it’s possible to creat a JS plugin for Wordpress to enable a commenting on a blog post like this supported by a Discourse back end?. I think it would be great to seed a forum and then, continue conviersations there.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

see Medium's annotation commenting system: a good inspiration?

No plans for this.

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(gingerling) #3

I really love it, in fact, before we moved to discourse-wp-bridge, we had actually agreed to implement it, but now we can’t really.

If you wanted to crowdfund it, we would put some in the pot.

(gingerling) #4

Also, it would be hyper useful for our docs if it worked on static html too some how (phpList manual : phpList)