Opinions: Comments and Discourse Integration

What do you think guys on the way Medium approaches commenting?

This is an example:

Do you think that it’s possible to creat a JS plugin for Wordpress to enable a commenting on a blog post like this supported by a Discourse back end?. I think it would be great to seed a forum and then, continue conviersations there.

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see https://meta.discourse.org/t/mediums-annotation-commenting-system-a-good-inspiration/10983

No plans for this.

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I really love it, in fact, before we moved to discourse-wp-bridge, we had actually agreed to implement it, but now we can’t really.

If you wanted to crowdfund it, we would put some in the pot.

Also, it would be hyper useful for our docs if it worked on static html too some how (www.phplist.org/manual)