Is it possible to sync Discourse responses with Medium blog comments?

Recently released our company’s first Discourse project, Was curious if 1) Is it possible to sync the forum so blogs automatically post within a category? 2) Is it possible to sync Forum & Medium comments via

Also, is this a good/regular thing to do?

Probably not possible, since Medium is a completely closed down system.

This is a pretty common and good thing to do with open source blog systems like WordPress or Ghost since they encourage the use of 3rd party commenting systems. With Medium on the other hand it’s probably not worth the trouble.


Okay thank you. Since we already have a Medium blog created on a solid foundation, do you know what blog + Discourse options there are? I.e. is it possible to embed topics within a article or is completely void within Medium?

You can embed Discourse topics on Medium. Doing that creates a box that links back to the topic. It would be good if the [image] tag could be removed from the description.


Is it possible to disable the native comments on medium? If so then the above approach would work pretty well.

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