Display the user who marked the answer as correct


  • reputation of the endorser is important when considering whether to trust a solution or not
  • you can incentivize mods to endorse answers well so they get more publicity for themselves and any company they may represent
  • you can identify mods who endorse wrong answers and train them to do better
  • makes it clear that a mod has endorsed the correct answer, not the OP
    • i.e., lots of people have a mental model of how this feature works from stack overflow, where the OP can mark the answer correct. This is unwise for applications where you can’t immediately verify the solution works, and the OP doesn’t have authority on whether the solution is correct, e.g. tax law as is the case for my tax advice discussion board/forum


and if it could play nicely with post-voting that would be ideal ! :pray:


Thats a very good suggestion.
I am a Mod in a small forum und we also use the solution mark.

Sometimes I see solutions marks and I think why. Who has marked this.

It’s easier to get in contact and clarify, why this contribution could be the solution especially, if it is wrong. :wink:

Maybe it makes sense, that is only visible for staff team.


yes good point, training on endorsement mistakes is another good use-case

For my use case (a tax advice discussion board/forum) it makes more sense for all users to be able to see the endorser

The way I see it, the OP decides whether an answer is correct and marks it as such.

In cases where staff is allowed to mark answers as a solution, they don’t act as themselves, they act on behalf of the community. Which makes it less / not important who marked the solution as such.

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Wouldn’t the presentation of that be useful? If OP doesn’t mark it as solved, then I’d at least like to know that it was marked solved by someone with a solid background in the topic, and not just someone with the power to do so.

Surely moderation should be traceable and transparent as often as possible? This improves both of those factors.


I agree that those who have that power should use it carefully.
I am not sure if the solution would be “at the minimum the endorser’s name should be prominently displayed and a hyperlink to their profile included” though.

I think at the very most the only audience for this information is other staff.

As posts can only be marked solved by OP and staff the only significant gap would fall to staff education.

In that case it doesn’t need to be made public.

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I believe the default is TL4, but you can adjust it lower with accept all solutions trust level:

You can also remove the option for the OP too if you fancy with accept solutions topic author:

Over and over again I have wished I could tell who marked a post the solution: whether it was the OP or someone who (for whatever reason) wanted to close the topic


I’ve slipped your post over to this topic to group the requests together. :+1:

This also cropped up elsewhere too recently and I created a small data explorer query so at least admins(/groups who were granted access) could have a ‘look-up’:

-- [params]
-- topic_id :topic_id 

SELECT target_topic_id, 
FROM user_actions
WHERE target_topic_id = :topic_id
AND action_type = 15
ORDER BY created_at DESC

It’s not exactly what the feature request is aiming for, but may help in some cases.