Display total topic count in category list instead of new ones in the last month

As a forum administrator, I am wondering if there is a way for me to configure the displayed number to represent the overall count of topics, rather than just the new topics from the last month? Furthermore, I am hoping to apply this setting to all categories within my forum.

These two posts that address the exact topic I am interested in:

Show Total Topics/Replies in /categories
Show topic count in category list

However, it appears that there hasn’t been a response yet.

Is there a solution available for this?

Maybe the code at the end of this post helps you


Thank you very much for your response!

Changing the code is a bit difficult for me. Is there a simpler method, like directly setting it up in the forum’s admin interface?

Furthermore, sometimes on my forum, the total number of topics is displayed, and other times it will change to the number of new topics within a month.

Stranger still, certain categories display the total number, while for some, it shows the count of new posts in a single month.

What is the reason for this?

I don’t know such a setting. That is why I shared the post with you. As it explains you can add that code as a theme-component
The reason for the different timespans is also explained in the post.