Display user location (and custom field) on group members page

I’d like to be able to display the user location on the group members page. Also potentially a custom field, which displays organization affiliation. Is this something that others are interested in? Could it be handled by customizing the template?

The template affected here is:


To edit this template from a plugin would, I’m relatively sure, require overwriting the whole template, so it would be nicer to submit this as a PR.

I expect different organisations have different wants for what columns do display in the group page, so I think it would make sense to add a site setting which allows an admin to change what columns are displayed. Something like this:

my_organisation being the custom field there. From an ease-of-coding standpoint it might have to be something more like user_field:1.

I think that would best fit under site_settings/category/users. I’m happy to be corrected, though.

Would this be welcomed as a PR?


Is this possible through a theme component now? We’re interested in removing some columns and adding the ‘About me’ information from users’ profiles to the members table.


Any update on customization of group field display? We have an experts group and would like to be able to display bios and badges on the members page.

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