Display vote/like counter in main page

I like the way http://stackoverflow.com/ displays the number of votes in the front page. This way, visitors can quickly conclude which topics are worth reading and which ones aren’t. Furthermore, if the nature of discussion website is about opinions, having counter in front page could help distill which one is the best & which are not favored.

How do you think about it?


Maybe a nice idea for an plugin?

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Until very recently, likes were displayed on the front page.

See this topic for the discussion as it was being removed:


You used to be able to show / hide the column with CSS, but that is no longer an option.

@sam and @eviltrout had mentioned some longer term plan to make the topic list columns more configurable in the future.

I’m having trouble finding that post, but it was mentioned here:


I think it’s an excellent idea. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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Any update on possibility to bring back like column or a more customizable front page?


Like column can be added quite easily with:



Awesome, thanks.
Is it, by any chance, also easy to bring a like button out on the front overview? e.g. so you can like a thread from the front?

Liking before reading?

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I am using discourse a bit different for a project i am working on :slight_smile: almost like hackernews and reddit where you can vote on a post from the front-page

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Here is what i mean

any idea how one may start to implement this? (liking before reading :wink: )
at least now that the excerpt plugin is going to be build, it may be handful to have up-voting system in the main page. ha?


@commonpawn any luck in voting in the main page plugin?

No, not yet. Still think it would be a great feature. Either as a part of the ‘Feature Voting’ plugin or just a simple plugin that adds a button to like the first post of a thread to the front page. Would love to get an idea of how difficult this would be to build

Font page with number of votes/likes shown in left side

How it could work (in this case i imagine disguising the like button as a vote button)


How can I vote for this suggestion?

We don’t currently have voting for feature requests. If you see a feature suggestion you’d like to become a reality you add a post to the topic, preferably detailing your use case and why you think it would be good to have. :+1:

Though this is a very old topic, so a lot may have changed in the meantime. What exactly are you wanting, and do these theme components help?

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