Displaying very large GIF

Hi, I tried to post two URLs in a new topic on my environment. First URL is a GIF 4,11MB size. The second is an URL of the website containing some gifs (now I post URLs as a code):



When the composer is opened, everything is ok. After publishing everything is ok too. But after a couple of minutes I got a blank page with a message:

Well, I’ve checked settings and realized that the limit for pictures is 4096kB. Then I increased it upto 24096kB and rebaked. During rebake the picture is shown only for a moment, then disappears, see a video attached.

Where I am wrong? How to show this picture? Why the second URL disappears?

Tested at (temporary available):


Best guess is that we cache the fact that the “gif is too large” somewhere, so if you change the setting after you upload it will continue to be treated as if it’s too large. I temporarily increased the max image size kb on try to 5120, uploaded the gif, and it has not been collapsed into a link: https://try.discourse.org/t/trying-attach-gif-4-11-mbytes-with-4096kb-default-setting/1346/2

From what I can tell, everything is working as expected here.


Thank you for the investigation @jomaxro!

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