GIF size 1.2M but Discourse says - over 4 MB?

Hi guys.

What might be the issue here? What to check, how to fix?
Discourse is in a container.

Please share a link to a gif that can reproduce the problem.

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It is a private site on the inside only I’m afraid.
But could be easily reproducible - container with version 3.0.5 (461966e028) - and pretty much vanilla-default site. Smaller logo-gif files - though have not tired to pin-point accrual-real max size - upload a ok.
Anything I can do to debug it?

If it only happens to that single image, it is the image’s issue.

Do you have an image you can share that is producing this issue for you?

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Could try this one:

The image information says 1.2MB:

Now I’ll upload it to Discourse:


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@lejeczek, where did you see the information about 4MB?

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When I upload it into “branding” in “settings”.

I am unable to reproduce the issue with that gif.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 11-10-04 fnord

If it is a limit then what variable would be responsible & how to change its value.
I believe I have pretty much vanilla-default deployment - meaning no changes made/set by me.