DMARC alert email address issues


How do you some of you get around the DMARC issue of the alert email address needing to be on the same domain when Discourse is handling all email for the domain?

My initial workaround was to set a private category to receive emails at (i.e. but attachments are not included when I receive emails there so it doesn’t work well for me.

I tried using a personal email address as the alert address but it was rejected by DMARC since it has to be the same domain.

Any suggestions? I recently received a DMARC report from Google but and it showed up in the private category but has an attachment that’s not located. I don’t want to miss any critical email deliverability reports.


P.S. I tried to tag this using email tag for proper support area, but I’m not seeing a place to add tags. Maybe my trust level isn’t high enough or I’m looking in the wrong place?

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