DNS Issue Ubuntu Server

I need help I’m getting this issue but I putted the server public ip on my domain dns

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This is an instance where a picture is worth much, much less than 20 words.

This suggests that your domain is not resolving, just like the message says: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

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If i try like my other called nederlandforum.tk it saids web error and once entering it in the discourse setup it gives me error saying no 443 or 80 on domain

DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool shows 2 IP number for that domain. If one of them is your server, then you should delete the other.

they are from cloudflare

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You’ll need to make it DNS only/ turn off orange cloud.

how can i do that? please tell me

In the cloudflare DNS tab related to your domain, the DNS records are listed. Click the “cloud” icon in the DNS record that points to your server ip (the discourse dns record). The cloud icon will probably be orange (Cloudflare proxy enabled), click in it to toggle to disabled (it should become gray).

What am I suppose to Do with the TTL?

Probably nothing, the default should already be fine.

i tried and still same issue maybe take look at my router gateway?

First, see if your DNS register is defined coorectly, so that the domain correctly points to your server’s ip. Run:

$ host <your_domain>
<your_domain> has address <your_ip>

Then see if the message <your_domain> has address <your_ip> shows and <your_ip> is correct.

If the DNS record correctly points to your server’s ip, then see if there’s some firewall blocking traffic. for example, if your server is a Digital Ocean droplet, in the Digital Ocean site, go to Network → Firewalls, then see if there’s a firewall that allows traffic to ports 80 and 443 to your droplet. If you are using AWS, see if there’s a security group associated to your instance that allows inbound traffic to those ports. If you use a different cloud provider, see if you need to create a cloud firewall rule somewhere.

Also see if your server itself allows traffic to these ports (should allow by default, unless you blocked it with some iptable rule or ufw). This probably isn’t the case, unless you actually used iptables or ufw.

I do home hosting. And I tried everything and nothing happens could you help me with it?