Do I need to install on a subdomain?

Sorry if this question sounds stupid but I am new to this forum.

Do I have to install it as a subdomain (

No, you can install directly on if you wish.

Subdomains are not a requirement.

However, with hindsight a year or two down the line, you may wish you had used something like

We are facing this issue now, as we have a desire to run a web site on our root domain and switching everything over to after six years of only using the root, is not ideal :see_no_evil:


Most people today think that you should use a subdomain, so if you think you want you should use In Chrome, at least, it’s difficult to tell the differences between and You can redirect the bare domain to your www, using or a bunch of other ways.


Are you doing a standard install, or using hosting? In either case, going with WWW rathe than the bare domain is probably what you should do. If you’re self-hosted, it’s not hard to use the bare domain, if you’re buying hosting, it’s harder, but possible sometimes.

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