Do your non-profit discounts include self-hosting?

Just wondering if you offer the same 50% discount to non-profits in the UK who want to self-host. We’re looking at setting up on AWS and migrating existing users and discussions from Drupal. Any suggestions?


It does not, because there’s no cost (from Civilized Discourse Construction Kit) to self-hosting Discourse. You can’t take 50% off of free :upside_down_face:.

If you choose to self-host Discourse (which is great!) there’s no cost from our team. You’ll of course still have costs from AWS, and whatever mail provider you use.


Though I don’t give discounts, per se. I can do my best to give you a good rate. You can get me information about your Drupal migration here. “Setting up on AWS” can mean myriad things, from a standard “supported” install on a single EC2 instance (for which I have a standard price), to EC2 plus elasticache and RDS, to full-blown scaling with . . . some other things. I can help with those things too.

If you give me your budget I can tell you what I can provide in that range.