New site with Discourse from scratch

We are looking to build a non-profit club site that will include the following:

  • Membership registration that will allow read publications and post on Discourse.

  • Discourse forum.

  • Main site with articles and news content.

  • Other sections as about pages, recipes and so on.

As a non-profit we could ask for discount for Discourse hosting but we are not sure if this hosting will allow us to host other solutions as CMS or Wordpress. Is there an all in one solution that is recommended?. Thanks!

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If your organization is a legally recognized non-profit institution you will qualify for the non-profit discount on our hosting. Contact the Discourse team if you’d like more details about that.

You will not be able to host your WordPress site with us. There are lots of available hosting providers for WordPress, or other CMS sites though. The most common approach to integrating a Discourse site with a website is to serve the website on your root domain ( and then serve your Discourse site on a subdomain of the root domain ( There is no need to have the website and the Discourse site on the same server.