Docker update hangs when checking for new discourse version

When I load, the upgrade check works for all plugins but hangs indefinitely on the discourse repository itself. Any ideas?

Are there any JavaScript errors in the dev console?

Why yes there is:

GET 502 (OK)
Error: OK
    at o (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:11)
    at Object.e.default.trigger (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:16)
    at h._onerror (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:16)
    at d (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:16)
    at docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:11
    at r.invoke (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:4)
    at Object.r.flush (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:4)
    at Object.n.flush (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:4)
    at Object.a.end (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:4)
    at (docker-manager-vendor-f00ab2e603ce2bef5677d6dc04bfa72a.js:4)
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Whatever it was, it cleared itself up and was able to finally find out what the latest version was. Upgrade proceeded as normal.

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