Does discourse go to offline/sleep from time to time?

I’ve observed that if a self hosted discourse forum is not accessed for a while then it kinds of sleeps. It has happened to me many times on different forums. I can see the loading progress showing but it doesn’t load. Then after sometime, and accessing it from different browsers, it somehow wakes up.

I’ve observed it on two different self hosted discourse forums so it can’t be some temporary issue. There is certainly a pattern.

I host both on Digital Ocean droplets. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with DO? Mentioned DO just in case…

What exactly is happening? any clue?

Minutes? Hours? Days?

How large are those droplets?

Do you see it with any forums you do not host yourself?

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Few minutes, 2-5 minutes or something. But the important point is that I don’t know how long it was sleeping? May be few days? May be few minutes/hours?

Size of droplets, Not sure what you meant by that? CPU? Disk? RAM? It is with decent capacity.

No I haven’t observed it with any other forum including this forum.

Discourse doesn’t go to sleep. We don’t have much to go on.

It would be prudent to be forthcoming with the stats for your DO VPS, so we can help figure this out with you. :slight_smile:

You will be able to check your server’s logs to see what’s happening. :+1:

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