Trying to understand Discourse behavior after Lightsail reboot/restart

I have been having some burst mode issues recently with my Lightsail server. After a stop and restart to get the server back up, I have noted twice now (and in prior 2 years as well) that while the homepage will load a cached version of forum, any page you try to access otherwise will just give you a loading icon under the site header/logo. Is this normal behavior? I assume that because my burst mode is low (8% atm) the instance doesn’t have enough juice to run Discourse properly. Is there some auto detection of CPU resources going on that I just need to wait out? In the past it has come back, but only after an hour or more.

Thanks. Any insight into this would be helpful.

And apologies, you would think after doing this for 25+ years I would know that the page info I was seeing was Google’s cache, but alas… no.

Minus cached pages I am only seeing…

You can look at the javascript console to see what isn’t loading.

How much ram do you have? Do you have swap?

On the instance. 8GB. I guess I spoke to soon above. With the cached pages removed it did rebuild a version of the homepage from earlier yesterday. However then trying to access a page other than the home page results in the circular loading icon and the page never builds completely.

Javascript console is a hot mess. Nothing locally looks like it’s loading. Also not sure why Google ads script isn’t loading. It loaded on the prior homepage version of the page.

Okay wait wait… isn’t that loading graphic I posted above a Cloudflare thing? This domain is DNS only (I just checked 20 min ago about that). Why is cloudflare screwing with my forum site? That would explain some of the issues I guess.

Okay learning all sorts of new things here. Apparently Cloudflare does cache pages in DNS only mode. So with Development mode on in Cloudflare basically the server does not respond. Meaning Discourse is not running, which kind of takes me back to my original question, is there a minimum CPU requirement for Discourse to boot up, etc. My burst level is now up to 9.57% after the restart.