Does rebuilding app fixes restoration problems?

I was changing my server. I installed Discourse in a new server and and restoring the old backup in read-only mode. All of sudden, in the middle of the restoring process, the account got logout showing the message of Read Only mode.

After that, the site was not loading properly.

I want to rebuild discourse using the following codes:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Is that fine? I don’t want to create a new droplet for Discourse again and again in my Digital Ocean account. They may ban me doing this too much.

Any tips?

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I think this is totally ok. I mean it works this way for me too. After the admin account logged out I can log in again and that’s the restored version. It maybe take some time depending how big is your backup :thinking:


Getting logged out when you restore is expected, as the new site has different users.

Digital ocean is designed such that you can create and delete droplets continually. They will not ban you for that. You can reach limits on requesting https keys from let’s encrypt, however.

It generally takes several minutes after you restore for the site to become available. It’s not clear from your message if anything is actually wrong.

Did your site come up after your restore?


Yes, my site is live now.

What I did is rebuilt the app using the following command:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

and then, restored again.

It’s working now. But still, I am afraid, if something wrong happened in the coding part while rebuilding?

May be I don’t know, some internal fault may still there?

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That’s unlikely. If your site is working, then it’s likely just fine. You probably could have either just waited a bit more or simply restarted the container, but you are fine now. don’t worry.


Thank you so much :heart_decoration:


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