Does sockpuppet flag prevent notifications?

(Walter Stabosz) #1

Continuing the discussion from Spam Blocking Feature Idea: Alert when Same IP Address Answers Topic:

I have a few questions about this feature:

  1. If a message is flagged as a possible sockpuppet, will that prevent an email notification from being sent until the admin clears the flag. (I’m trying to figure out why some email notifications are not getting sent, and I noticed some of the posts had this flag)
  2. Does Discourse learn the admin’s repeated flag actions? i.e. if the admin clears the flag for the same IP multiple times, will Discourse stop throwing that flag for that IP? (I don’t really need this feature, I’m just curious if it exists)

(Mittineague) #2

IPs can be whitelisted in the ACP at /admin/logs/screened_ip_addresses.

added the URL for you - hope you don’t mind. ~riking