Does the Ubuntu install work as is?

I installed Ubuntu on my PC rather than screwing around. I followed this install

I seemed to get everything installed then failed on “bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate”

It complains about redis

"Failed to report error: Error connecting to Redis on localhost:6379 " and a bunch of other stuff.

My questions are whether any other installs are needed but not mentioned and whether I had to use sudo to install gems. I got an error saying I didn’t have permission unless I used sudo.

Now I think there might have been a step I missed where I tell it to install into my home directory where I have permission. But I don’t see anything on that instruction page.

If I have to delete all the sudo installed gems how do I do that? Just rm a directory tree? This is a fresh install of ubuntu.


Looking at that guide, apparently Redis is installed but never actually started. Do you need to do some stuff with systemctl to enable it?