Does using Apache or NGINX for a WP installation make a difference for the Discourse integration?

I’m going to install WP on a Digital Ocean droplet and connect it to my Discourse instance which is on another droplet. I wanted to get some opinions from the Discourse community on whether to set up WP on a LEMP (NGINX) or a LAMP (Apache) stack.

Are there any considerations one that is using Discourse would need to keep in mind when integrating discourse with Wordpress? Like would there be advantages to using Apache vs. NGINX that might affect the integration with Discourse in some way?

I noticed this article from @pfaffman and it looks like his standard approach is to set up WP using Apache. It’s easy to just take this at face value and say if Jay does it that way, it’s probably the best way :smirk: but I’m just wondering if there are any other arguments to using NGINX, or maybe it doesn’t make a diff?

The only reason to use Apache is that it’s easier to get WordPress to do whatever-they-call pretty URLs with Apache. I’ve been using Apache to reverse proxy a sub-folder site for over a year and haven’t yet had a reason to change, but I’d probably recommend NGINX if you were to ask.

Edit: Oops. I read too fast.

Oh. If it’s a separate install then I’d go with Apache since that’s what WordPress “likes” better. I’d probably just go with DO’s one-click WordPress installer (I’m assuming that there is one).

If they are on different servers, then it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. Do the easiest thing, which is to install WordPress on Apache.


Thanks for the insight!

So to take a step backwards… in terms of best practices… would it be better to run WP on the same server that my Discourse is running on, or to create a separate droplet to install WP? Pros? Cons?

It’s much easier to put them on separate servers. If you have an overpowered server it can make sense to jump through the hoops to put them on the same server, but on DO, it’s easier to just spin up separate servers for each. That’s tons easier. There is no downside.