Wordpress and Discourse in a single droplet

Continuing the discussion from New Offering: Install Discourse and WordPress in one Droplet:

In the above offering, I do a standard Cloud Install, move Discourse to another port, and install Apache to serve Wordpress and configure it as a reverse proxy. It’s pretty much the same as this howto except it’s Apache rather than Nginx (and doesn’t do SSL, yet). I went with Apache because it makes it easier to configure Wordpress permalinks via a .httpaccess file.

From a performance perspective doing this in a single 2 gb droplet seems like a big win over 2 1gb droplets. It doesn’t seem like it should complicate upgrades with either Wordpress or Discourse.

The big downside (right now, at least) is that configuring Let’s Encrypt is more complicated (read, I haven’t bothered to figure that out yet). Is there something else that I’m missing?

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Not sure how much time you have in your hands, one thing I would try is using https://caddyserver.com/ instead of apache, to ease SSL setup.

There are even examples for Discourse and Wordpress.

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Thanks, @Falco! That could be just the ticket. Foolish though I may be, I work as if I’m going to install hundreds of these things, so spending a few hours now to save 10 seconds per install will totally be worth it. :slight_smile:


And if it works well, a new #howto topic about using Caddy instead of Nginx would be very welcome. Whatever leaves less space for errors when configuring the reverse proxy will help a lot of people.