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A few of our users are using bookmarks (Yep, browser-bookmarks is still a thing, apparently), to the bookmark-filtering on the frontpage.

Normally the user would use his browser-bookmark (pointing at, to visit the Frontpage, filtered by bookmarks.

But after our last rebuild/update of the base (Discourse), the user is now ending on the Activity > Bookmarks-page:

By selecting “Bookmarks” on the frontpage, t’s still showing as in the browser address-bar.

However, refreshing the page, or browsing manually to the page, is forwarding the user to User-page > Acticity > Bookmarks, instead of our frontpage, with the “Bookmarks”-filter in use.

I’m not sure, if it’s related to this change:

We’ve just rebuildet to the latest version aka. 2.5.0.beta3 ( 0ae504aece ).

I’m not sure if this is actually a bug, or just changed “by design”, but we would like, to at least, have the option for both things :slight_smile:

Our current “top menu” settings-value is, as shown below:


We will be cleaning this up this week. Hold tight.



How did it go? It’s still a problem, om our site - and I’ve just updated it to the latest build.

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Hi Tobias,

@sam and I discussed this last week, and decided to keep the /bookmarks URL redirected to the new page because it shows details of the reminder time and bookmark name and provides quick actions for the bookmarks (delete, edit). Is there any particular reason the /bookmarks URL showing the front page filtered by bookmarks is more useful for you?


Hi Martin

A few of our users a happy with the topic-overview, filtered by bookmarks, and they reported is as a bug to me.

It’s fine to redirect the ‘profile’ bookmark page, but please allow an alternative, so they can use their browser favorite, to navigate to the topic-list, filtered by their bookmarks. :pray: They like it that way, and i actually fully understand them.

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To clarify, these users are genuinely looking for new updates in topics I have bookmarked, and not to go back to the bookmarked post, correct?


Correct, Kane. They are looking for new posts, and sometimes like to filter the topics, so only bookmarked subjects are shown (Just like they normally are, by going to our Frontpage > click on “Bookmarks”)

I’ll point out that i really like all the other changes, for the Bookmark-part! It’s really nice :slight_smile: This is our only problem with the new implementation, which has been reported by a few users.


I am going to change this this week, so the /bookmarks goes to the original list.


Thanks Martin. It’s now working, as it should :slight_smile: !

Now that it’s posted in “Bugs”, fell free to close this topic.