Bookmarks inconsistent when accessed from top menu

We have configured the top menu to have Bookmarks link available, The link takes a user to /bookmarks instead of my/activity/bookmarks there is an issue on the /bookmarks page that causes the user to be directed to the end of topic instead of the bookmarked topic.

Steps to Reproduce:

Step 1: add bookmarks to top menu:

Step 2: Bookmark something

Step 3: Try accessing the bookmark from top nav:

When we click on a bookmark it will take to the end of the topic instead of the correct bookmark.

Please note that accessing the same bookmark from the user profile drop down works just fine. the issue only exists with the top nav.


Thank you @itsbhanusharma for reporting this. This is happening on my site and we would very much appreciate the bug being looked into. Our users need a way to more easily get to bookmarks (without relying on the notifications menu) and currently the only way to do this is by adding bookmarks to the top nav. Appreciate whatever attention you can give it.

The intent in the past was for this to be a simple topic list:


Where the bookmark icon links to the location of the bookmark and the topic list link, simply links to where it does in usual topic lists.

When people bookmark a topic they sometimes want it to track latest on the topic, sometimes they may bookmark a specific post.

There is a regression now though that the bookmark icon does not work. We should fix it at least.


Putting a pr-welcome on improving stuff here. Its a bit of an edge case site setting and the team do not have much bandwidth to work on this at the moment.

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