Don't skip to unread replies for wiki posts

(Joseph Lormand) #1

This might sound like a small problem, but I’m actually having to lock all of my wiki posts and even delete the automated message saying that the topic is closed (which is a derived problem), because it seems if there are ANY replies, loading the page for the second+ time simply skips to the bottom. I understand the logic in this as most people want to see the latest unread replies in a typical discussion, but I postulate that a wiki topic should not be considered a typical discussion. If a topic post is set as a wiki it should have priority, regardless of recent replies. Is there something I’ve missed to change this? If not I propose it as a feature some time in the future.

Thanks for reading.

(Dave McClure) #2

FYI you can enter the topic at the top if you click on the created date in the activity column on the topic list.

(Joseph Lormand) #3

That’s good to know.
Although, I doubt I can effectively teach it to the majority of my users prior to their frustration.

(Kris) #4

I can definitely see the case for this — in a wiki-style post the original post is often more important than the children. If I’m referencing a how-to for example, I’m more likely to want to see the original post than the child discussion even if I enter the post a dozen times.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Problem is there is no concept of a wiki topic just wiki posts. You could maybe decide on a different behavior based on the first post being wiki.

(Joseph Lormand) #6

Hmmm, I thought of something else that gives reason to lock wiki topics. The replies are in order from first to last (oldest first), so replies directly speaking about the content (in this case game content subject to patching), can quickly become outdated. The only solution would be to have all replies in a wiki topic be in reverse order, but that’s probably a ton of work to implement :scream: