Looking to hire someone who can change my Discourse as whenever users visit each topic, they will see the topic, not the reply

Please someone help me set my Discourse. I want to change my Discourse as follows.

Whenever users visit each topic, they will see the topic,not the latest reply (bottom one).

This would be very useful for wiki posts, or other types of thread that are all about the information in the top post.

Thank you, Tom. I have checked how wiki-post works. However, that is not what I expect. Currently, when users visit a certain topic on my Discourse, they will read the latest “reply.” I want my Discourse to show the topic not “replies” to them.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I was just saying that your feature request would be useful for wiki topics too.

Thank you, Tom. I need to get used to using Wiki posts.

Discourse remembers the position a user last read to within a thread. Each first visit to a new topic will take the reader to the first post, only successive visits will bring them to responses further down.

Are you asking to override that behaviour? To force users back to the top post each time, thus discarding the position a user had previously reached and forcing them to scroll back down manually?


Thanks, Steve,

Now I understand how Discourse works. Once I logged out from my account, whenever I read each topic, the Discourse took me to the top of the topic. When I logged in to a specific topic that I posted, the Discourse took me to the last post. So now I understand that I do not have to ask someone to customize for it.

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