Don't trust these Pirates!

I’ve been sketching a Pirate trust level scheme, well, just for the fun of it :skull:

Screenshot from 2020-11-26 21-06-38

Screenshot from 2020-11-26 21-05-51

Screenshot from 2020-11-27 14-15-08

And it would show with flair and title:

The easiest way to relate this to existing trust levels would be enabling Membership requests, I guess. This could possibly be set up in a nice way with some custom text on the messages users receive when reaching a new trust level. But it would also require group owners in each group responding to the requests.

Is there another easy way to integrate this with user trust levels?


When you say relate this to trust levels, what do you mean? Would you mind walking me through what this flow would create? It would make ot easier to understand.


Thanks for asking, Osioke! The idea is to theme the existing trust levels. So as a user signs up and advances through Basic/Member/Regular and possibly Leader they start out as Rookie and can become Sailor/Bosun/Mate or be appointed Captain. But I could see themes for many communities in a similar way.

I think it’s quite a good flow already to go with the existing automated trust level messages. These can be adapted with custom text related to the theme. Also, there is several links to the Discourse blog post explaining trust levels throughout the platform and these can also be replaced with a custom topic.

My ideal flow would be that users wouldn’t need to request membership in a new group, but be able to join a group freely once they reach a new level.


What you want to accomplish seems like it can be done by renaming the different trust levels with the themed names, unless I am still not understanding you here :thinking:

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Hmm, the default trust levels don’t allow for much customization beyond changing the name.

But to me this would work nice enough, maybe even nicer, as an opt-in feature. So you just unlock an additional decoration with a new trust level.

The most straightforward approach would probably be to extent the group setting Allow users to join the group freely towards Allow users from [ trust level … ] to join the group freely. Would that be possible with a theme component?