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(Mathias Jensen) #1


I’m currently on v1.4.0.beta9 +58.

When I want to check a checkbox in the admin panel, I have to click the box twice before it’s checked. I guess that’s a bug? :smile:

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(cpradio) #2

I got that today too. Thought I was imagining things.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Perhaps a bug can you have a peek Australia Monday @sam?

(Chris Saenz) #4

Confirmed here. Seems that it is registering a check mark even without showing it, because you can click the green “confirm” check and then it becomes checked.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Which screen are we talking about here? screenshot please

(Chris Saenz) #6

Anything in the admin settings panel.

(Sam Saffron) #7

Which browser is this, unable to make this happen on chrome / meta (does reloading the page on settings make the issue go away by magic)

(Chris Saenz) #8

This is Chrome stable (44.0.2403.155 m). Once the checkbox is clicked it will toggle correctly, until the page is refreshed.

EDIT: Also happens in MS Edge and Firefox. Discourse is at v1.4.0.beta9 +58

(Robin Ward) #9

Here’s a fix:

(Jeff Atwood) #10

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