Double escaped single quotes in suggested posts

Suggested post summaries appear with double escaped single quotes. See screenshot for example:

Never mind, don’t see screenshot as I am not allowed to upload images. But this is a real bug, happens on a fresh discourse install as of yesterday.

Can you provide repro steps? Such as, how to create the topic that is listed incorrectly in Suggested Topics?

Sure, sorry about the vague bug report, was on my phone.

Here is an example of the problem page.

The “Hey Folks - Welcome” intro topic contains a few single quotes in the top paragraph (“It’s”, “that’s”) which are double-escaped when the intro topic appears in the suggested topics for another topic.

The issue only occurs on an iPhone, since the suggested topic summary does not appear on the desktop stylesheet.

Here is a screenshot of the behavior.


I just submitted a pull request to fix this issue: