DownloadBackupEmail and CriticalUserEmail fail

I know that bitnami helm chart isn’t supported deployment by this community.
I’ve asked this question in bitnami, but I haven’t got any reply.
Maybe you can limit a scope of my research or provide some hints please.

My customization of value file:

   username: superAdmin
   password: "password"
   enabled: true
   host: "mailjet"
   port: "587"
   user: "user"
   password: "password"
   protocol: ""
   auth: ""
   existingSecret: ""

I got DownloadBackupEmail fail when tried to download backup.
I got CriticalUserEmail fail when tried to change password through the forgot button.

My guess is that mail jet is rewriting the urls when it sends mail so that it can do click tracking and it isn’t working.

Best is to tell mail jet not to do link click processing.

You can download the backup file directly, but I don’t know where Bitnami puts it.

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Thanks for reply.
Hmmm, I’m confused.

I have another instance that I deployed according to the official deployment instructions. Both I use MailJet

I was thinking that my helm chart didn’t properly populate admin credentials into the application.

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To fix it I set “” into

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