SMTP not working after changing service


So I was using elasticmail but I decided to change switch over to mailjet because my elasticmail account had some problems. From what I read it was simple, just changing the SMTP settings in the app.ymp file then rebuild which I did. I have linked my domain to mailjet and SPF/DKIM status is OK. I double checked my SMTP/API settings multiple times and they are correct. But the email services are not working and I’m not sure what could be the problem as I can’t see anything being wrong, elasticmail was working with no problems beforehand.

Here’s more info:

sidekiq error: Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::OpenTimeout: execution expired

I’d appreciate any help, thanks!

Looks like you can’t connect to your smtp server.


What could have caused that, sorry I’m really not sure what could it be outside the yml file.

It looks like a networking problem.

Can you telnet to the smtp server?

Something like

telnet smtphost 587

The above screenshot shows port 25 which is probably wrong.

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I’ve used both 25 and 587, same issue.
I tried using telnet and its just stuck at “Trying (IP)”

I intend to change the host of the server but I’d like to download the backup first, is it possible to download the website’s backup without email messages?

Telnet stuck at “Trying” means something’s firewalled, or otherwise misbehaving at a network level. You can’t download a backup without e-mail, for security reasons. You could switch back to your previous e-mail provider in order to get the backup download e-mail, I guess…


Thanks for he help! I just did that and now telnet works and I get connected, but the problem is still there and I’m not recieving any emails :confused: When I sent an email test I get the same message.

There was a problem sending the test email. Please double-check your mail settings, verify that your host is not blocking mail connections, and try again.

I wanna add that I was able to download the backup file without an email message, using sidekiq you can see the arguments of the email message that was supposed to be sent. The link of the download is included.


Thanks for letting us know. This bypass has been fixed - the download link is no longer passed to sidekiq.


Just a note that if you need to download the backup and don’t have email you can do it with scp.