What data is included in the Backups?

I downloaded one of my backups from S3 which contains a dump.sql file but it does not seem to contain any of my Settings from the Admin panel. Is it possible to include this data as part of the backup, or is it there and I’m not seeing it? Is there a list of what is / is not backed up?

The backup contains everything except the configuration specified in the app.yml.

If you’re using a CDN or have selected not to include assets within your backups then attachments and images won’t be included.

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It looks like some of the settings are missing from the backup. When I search dump.sql for some of my values they aren’t in the file. For example:

  • Security > cors origins
  • Security > allowed iframes
  • Security > blacklisted crawler user agents

I’m pretty sure it’s there. Are you looking in the sql file or did you restore it?

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Of the 3 fields I mentioned, I do see the cors now on my latest backup (user error), but the other 2 I still don’t see. Maybe it only exports the settings that have been changed away from default values.

That is exactly how it works.


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