Downloading remote images disabled due to disk space

I just received this notification on my discourse how to fix?

The download_remote_images_to_local setting was disabled because the disk space limit at download_remote_images_threshold was reached.

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Either clear up more room on the server or change the threshold in the settings.

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You can try running ./launcher cleanup to clean up space.

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where can I fond the threshold settings?

is this safe? what does it do? does it just give space or delete things?

also where do I do this?

allow animated avatars
Allow users to use animated gif avatars. WARNING: run the avatars:refresh rake task after changing this setting.

It will delete any docker containers that haven’t been running for 24 hours.

It is safe to run if you don’t use docker for anything else and your Discourse installation is running.

To run avatars:refresh, SSH into your server and run:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rake avatars:refresh

I just got the disk space limit message. I’ve been periodically cleaning up old Docker containers but my available disk space has simply depleted over time.

Is the only solution to upgrade my droplet (on Digital Ocean)? My memory usage seems fine; it’s just a disk space issue. Seems overkill to move up to their next plan. Would enabling a CND or configuring uploads to S3 help?

log in via SSH and

apt-get autoclean
apt-get autoremove
git pull
./launcher rebuild app
./launcher cleanup

That should fix you up nicely, cleaning both Docker containers and cleaning up old Ubuntu automatic kernel upgrade archives too, which can be quite large over a year.


Thanks! The really helped. Went from 90% to 57% disk space used. Should be good for a while now. :sweat_smile:


Is this still relevant, safe to run?

Yes, these are still valid commands.

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