Dracula a Dark Theme for Discourse

A theme built on the Dracula color palette. This color scheme has been one of my favorite go to themes in the text editors and other software I use.

I felt like Discourse could use it as well :smile:

:bat: : Github Repo https://github.com/dracula/discourse

:vampire: Preview on Theme Creator

:coffin: How do I install a theme or theme component?

If you see anything off, let me know here and I’ll get that updated! Hope you enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This actually looks very neat.


Looking great, I can definitely feel Dracula vibes.


are colours fixed or can they be changed?


Theme colors are fixed per theme/color scheme once defined. If you would like to customize this for your own use though, feel free to fork the repo and change the colors in the about.json file. :vampire:



In the mobile view, how do I hide the “Replies” column and show the Views column? Thank you.

Update: found the solution for the Replies column, but cannot figure out how to add “Views”

We do not show the views count on mobile, only activity and replies. To create your own mobile topic list view, you would need to create a theme-component that edits the mobile topic-list-item template found here:

An example of someone on this forum who has done something similar can b found in this topic MD Topic List Mobile component.

If you haven’t created a theme or theme-component before, I would suggest reading through this topic that does a great job of explaining the process.