Discourse Classic Theme


(Kris) #1

Remember 2013? The year of Frozen, Yeezus, Google Glass, and when Discourse looked like this:

Now you can relive the past with the Discourse Classic Theme :tada:

Unlike Discourse in 2013, The Discourse Classic theme supports desktop and mobile devices, multiple badge styles, and light/dark color schemes.

Feel free to import it to your own Discourse install, or try it out here on Meta by selecting it from the hamburger menu (also in your personal preferences under “interface”).

Please report any bugs you may find, and let me know what you think!

CSS Theme Contest (with Prizes!)
(Daniela) #2

OMG I did not remember that, I only remember square avatars… too many years have passed, :scream:

Did you forget to add the Hamburger Theme Selector as a component of this theme here on Meta?
After switching to the Classic Theme I need to go on my profile to change theme again. :yum:

(Kris) #3

Yes, I did. It should be there now.


OMG, this theme is sexy af! i really like it! what a throwback.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #8

A few more quirks.

Multi-select toggle in Messages is unstyled.

I think tracking settings is unstyled? It looks fine, but I believe the “right” style should have rounded corners.

Bad overlap with page-position widget. I believe this problem goes beyond theming though.

Lastly, do we need to keep the tiger stripes? Imo that style choice should instead be made available as a theme component for any theme.


17 PM

small issue. it’s fine when you scroll down:

slightly off:

58 PM

and a few things on mobile:

styling lots of elements.

some extra spacing here… and the flair is pretty close to the title of user.

this is related to the retort plugin. needs more spacing.

i hope this theme is still being worked on…!


a few more things…

02 PM

need more spacing:

(Christoph) #12

OMG! This looks so retro. Remember when “retro” implied at least a decade (more likely three) of time difference? These days retro is available within just a few years. :older_adult:


this is my favorite theme out of all of them… i just love the throwbacks!

(Markus) #14

Not mine :stuck_out_tongue: Since I came back to meta and need to re-login; I’ve got a little eye-cancer in the meantime.

It’s like reenabling the old iOS design on a Ferrari of modern high-quality forum software. :smiley: I prefer the slim light-weight default theme. I guess, the Vincent theme could become my No. 2 favourite.

(Kris) #15

Thanks for reporting these! I pushed some fixes to the theme this morning.



the focus on each post just looks a bit off.

this is by far my most favorite theme…


recent update made this all wonky:

when you scroll down.

isn’t an issue on Default and Dark.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #18

@awesomerobot, can you take a look at this?

(Kris) #20

I just made some updates to get the theme up-to-date.


It looks a bit bung now with the like changes @awesomerobot



(Kris) #22

Just pushed a few updates, fixed the like button and added some styling for the new groups pages