Droplet permissions issue after update

Anyone else experiencing this?
Digital Ocean droplet instance is failing to load images after recently updating 2.9.0.beta1
Side note: I was unaware that DO uses AWS for image hosting - not a fan of Amazon so kinda disappointed

Response from DO
The error when accessing the images in the browser is Access denied. It looks like you have a permission issue with your remote server. You will need to check the permission and set the right permission.

Domain https://aotearoa.syn.foundation/
example image:

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Well, your discourse site is setup to save the images to AWS.

It is not an DO thing.

Interesting… how and why would I do that? I don’t even have an AWS account - hence being unaware and disappointed.

Actually it could be the thumbnail plug-in? But that doesn’t explain the logo :thinking:

The images load ok in the discourse app

are any of your S3 fields in admin > settings > files filled in ?

When you moved your site from Discourse.org hosting you didn’t get your uploads and they are still on their Amazon bucket. You didn’t notice and they only just now removed them.

You need to email team@discourse.org and ask if they can restore them. If they can you’ll need to move them to your local storage.


Sorted by re-uploaded logo & category images :sunglasses:

Are Discourse planning to keep endorsing AWS?

There is nothing wrong with AWS.

You can decide what you want to use on your own site.

It’s really user preference

Nothing wrong???

Well, they stopped using cloudflare. Stopping aws will be a bit harder. I’m afraid that if you don’t want to usevaws or companies as bad as aws you’ll need to stop using the internet.

What was the issue with CloudFlare?

It’s all relative… AWS seems to be the worst of the options