Drupal 7 migration to Discourse


I need to migrate around 1500 topics from a Drupal forum to Discourse.

I am creating a website in wordpress. I am using SSO, which means once a user logged in in my website he/she will automatically log in to the forum. I have an instance of the Discourse forum, running on a web server.
Everywhting is fine so far. But I am confused how to proceed further.

DO I need to isnatll Discourse locally, so I can play with it and find out how to migrate the topics? DO I need to migrate the users to Discourse, since they get account once they log into the WordPress website? Hoe to connect the users with the topics they wrote?

Please, give me some hints!!!


There is a Drupal importer. It’s usually easiest to install a development environment to run an importer.

You’ll need to do something to get the users imported to wordpress. If consider having discourse be the SSO master.


If you are planning to use WordPress as the SSO provider for Discourse, and also want to have the Drupal posts on your WordPress site, there is a Drupal to WordPress plugin. The documentation for it’s paid version says that it will import users and authors. If you took that approach you would need to publish your migrated posts from WordPress to Discourse through the WP Discourse plugin. Publishing 1500 posts manually sounds like a lot of work. It might be possible to write a script to do it automatically.


I am performing some tests. If I migrate a user to wordpress, he/she can access the Discourse forum without any problem.

But now I miss the link. If I run the importer, I suppose, I will get the forum content from Drupal to Discourse. But than how this content will be associated with a specific user?