Drupal Import script

I have a Discourse instance running on a webserver. At least for me that was easier than installing local version on my machine.

I want to move all topics from a Drupal forum to Discourse.
1)Do I need to add the import script into the corresponding folder?

  1. I want to use SSO on the WP Discourse. Which means all users will login to wordpress website and than got to the Discourse forum(which was migrated from Drupal). But If this import script migrate the users and these users login with the SSO feature, isnt there be a conflict and repetition of the users in Discourse???

My excuses I am completely not familiral, my questions might sound dump, but I really need guidance.

There may not be a howto for the Drupal importer, but they pretty much all work the same.

It’s usually best to do it from a development environment (there is a docker version).

If you want wordpress to be the SSO master you’ll need to import users to wordpress too. Users should get matched up correctly.

Depending on why you want sso, you might let WordPress be the SSO client and not have any worries about importing users to wordpress.