How do I send an automated message as System or Discobot?

Is there any way I could send a user an automated message from the “system” or “discobot” user? This would not be timed or anything, it would just come from the system.

You can impersonate the system user at https://SITE/admin/users/-1/system

Okay thank you very much.

I just tried to do that, it just brings me to editing the system’s profile in admin view.

Scroll to the bottom:


EDIT: Oops. You said “automated.” I’m not sure how to do that. You might be able to do a timed post? What are you trying to do?

Ah thank you, did not notice that.

Doesn’t matter, I can send it myself.

I don’t see it anywhere :laughing:

Here is what I see: Screen capture - 7fb63722650535b0856b3d224816aa52 - Gyazo

Final reply
I think you just cant do it on the system account because I can do it on other accounts.

Hmm. I did it on one of my sites, so I don’t know why you can’t. Maybe because my email is in DISCOURSE_DEVELOPER_EMAILS?

What do you mean is in discourse_developer?

In app.yml is


It might be that you need to have your address there to impersonate a system (or admin?) user.

To stop impersonating you must log out. Typing ZZ is the easiest way.

I removed that question from my post as I figured out to just lo out.

I am part of the open-source plan at Discourse, so I don’t have access to the system logs. Should I ask them via email to do it?

Oh. That explains it. You probably just can’t impersonate admin users.

Yeah, I might just make a new account and give it the same permissions as the system role and name it system or something like that and control it that way.

Also I’m sorry to be a bother but my one user really is begging me to fix: this issue. Can you help me out with that?

Two things you can do:

  • Generate an “All Users” API key and make the posts using api_username=system.
  • Create the post under a regular account, and use the “Change Ownership” feature in the post wrench menu to give the post to @system.

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