Duplicate Entries Across Different Users in "Needs Approval" Queue

Hello! We recently upgraded to v1.9.0.beta6 +12, and now our “Needs Approval” queue is acting up:

As you can see there are four posts (from 3 users) awaiting moderation, but they all have the same topic title and body text. The bottom-most post is the “correct” post, as in, the topic title and body text were written by that user. We found that the queue is now always showing the bottom-most (most recent) post’s content on all the others awaiting approval (so if there are three posts, all three will display the content for the third post in the queue).

We upgrade our deployment of the forum approximately once per week, so the upgrade event referenced above wasn’t updating a severely outdated deployment.

Please let me know if I can provide any more details (I know this post is a bit sparse but I don’t have a lot to go on just yet).



Ouch, this is a regression due to this change by @xrav3nz Ability to change the category of a post before approving - #8 by xrav3nz

Fixed per: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commit/0c4527323e5bdfc9137dec2e1cfa37b26d381906


Woohoo! Thanks!! :tada:

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Oops! Sorry about that and thanks @sam for the quick fix!

The editables refactor happened after everything was done and I neglected to test a simple refactor :frowning: ; will take a note to test more thoroughly next time.


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